Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 is a hilarious 3D FPS adventure that will have you giggling as you gun down hordes of wacky enemies. This isn't your typical shoot 'em up. Funny Shooters 2 throws out the creepy for the comical, pitting you against a menagerie of bizarre baddies that are more likely to make you snort with laughter than scream in terror.

But don't let the goofy grins fool you – these enemies come in waves, each level upping the ante with fresh challenges. Think you've seen it all? Boom! A brand new foe waddles onto the scene. Conquered the latest level? Bam! You're rewarded with a powerful new weapon or a boss battle that'll test your skills to the limit.

Speaking of weapons, Funny Shooters 2 boasts an arsenal that would make even the most discerning shooter grin. We're talking everything from classic pistols and shotguns to bazookas, grenade launchers, and RPGs – all with a healthy dose of wacky customization options to truly make them your own.

And the fun doesn't stop there! Level up your character's skills, snag achievements for bonus coins, and become a walking, talking magnet for extra loot. Can you handle the heat (and hilarity) of Funny Shooters 2? There's only one way to find out! So grab your favorite weapon (and maybe a spare pair of pants for all the laughter), and dive into the outrageous world of Unblocked Funny Shooters 2, or any other version that tickles your fancy.

Funny Shooters 2 Controls

Here's a quick rundown of the controls to get you blasting those wacky enemies in no time:

  • Mouse = look around
  • WASD = movement
  • W + Shift = run
  • Space = jump
  • Left Mouse Button = shoot
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) = aim
  • Mouse wheel = next/leading weapon
  • R = reload
  • G = throw a grenade
  • T = inspect the weapon
  • E = remove / remove weapon

With these controls mastered, you'll be a comedy carnage connoisseur in no time. Now get out there and show those funny foes what you're made of!

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